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Students celebrate 61st anniversary of Ruby Bridges with walk to school

Angelina Dixson and Staff- Nov 17, 2021

61 years ago, six-year-old Ruby Bridges was the first African-American student to integrate into an all-white elementary school in Louisiana.

Bridges and her mother had to be escorted by federal marshals to the school every day that year to prevent violence from aggressive protesters.

Caption: KMTR

Wednesday, the Lane African American Black Student Success Program organized a walk to celebrate Bridges.

Students in Springfield walked from Meadow Park to school.

"I think this is just a wonderful event that, in this day and age, we continue to celebrate diversity. And making sure we all have a safe way to get to school all together so that children can enjoy being in the community, knowing they're supported. And that everybody has the right to a free and public education," said Two Rivers-Dos Rios Elementary Principal Charlie Jett.

"It's great to have a lot of people in the community come out and support something that happened a long time ago - like Rosa Parks. I did a Rosa Parks event and another event around here," said participant Orion Sanders.

After the walk-to-school event, United Way of Lane County hosted a virtual event with Bridges and the public to discuss how to be a voice for social justice.


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