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Xavier Students Pursue Change Through Investigative Reporting

The XULA Investigative Stories Program brings together students and veteran journalists to examine some of our nation’s most critical issues and how they're playing out in the City of New Orleans.

We approach every story like a puzzle, scrutinizing evidence and reaching out to those whose experiences may not support official narratives. We collaborate with media outlets and non-profit organizations, and, for every project we produce, our students are credited as contributors.

Students in the program study classic works of investigative reporting, then produce their own video, print, and data visualization pieces. They also spend time in the field with professional journalists.

The Desegregation Generation

On November 14, 1960, U.S. marshals escorted four six-year-old Black girls across the thresholds of two White elementary schools in New Orleans. What happened next would shock the nation and shape a generation of children who followed them. This interactive documentary tells the story of three of those girls—Leona Tate, Gail Etienne, and Tessie Prevost—and the national drama that played out around them. It explores the different ways that White and Black reporters covered school integration. And it maps the relationship between schools, race, and money during America's “desegregation generation.”


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