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Creator/Writer / Director

Diedra Meredith is a Multimedia Activist in her beloved city of New Orleans. She was born and raised in Algiers located on the West Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana. Her most recent work is creating and producing The New Orleans Legacy Project, the Because of You I AM video message campaign and the Historical and Cultural Music Series for Treme for Treme Preservation Society with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra - Black Music Anthology - Symphonic Masterpieces 1960s -70s.  

She is also the Creator and Executive Producer of the upcoming television production for the Outmusic Awards – The Biggest Night in LGBT Music, Culture & Entertainment, and creator of the Freedom of Expression Campaign print ad advocacy campaign.

Senior Producer_Diedra Meredith_nola4_60th_anniv295.JPG


Sunni Patterson


Executive Producer
Diedra Meredith
Joshua Bagnall

Supervising Producer
Lydia Charles

Elsa Kern
Brittany Everfield


Elsa Kern

Elsa Kern

Elsa Kern

Elsa Kern

Diedra Meredith


Elsa Kern


Josh Bagnall

Director of Photography

Josh Bagnall

Wron Kennedy

Jib Operator

Camera Operator

Bruno Doria

Camera Operator/Dolly Grip

Ralph Madison

Kraig Dixon

Camera Operator

Sean Williams

Sound  Mixer

Lloyd Moffet

Editor - VFX - Motion Graphics

Kenny Lass


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